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Tune-Ups & Bike Repair


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Bike service is our passion.  We strive to provide the highest levels of quality and customer service in Colorado.  We're constantly training on the latest technologies so that we can provide premium service to all riders.  We schedule services based on the time required to do the service right, so your service will never be rushed, and will always be completed to the highest industry standards.  From a flat repair on your kiddo's bike to a full component upgrade on your race bike, you'll have our full attention, and your satisfaction is our priority.


We welcome you to schedule your service in-person. Please note that we do not store bikes, so we will provide an estimate for your service and schedule a drop-off time.

Please note that we are not able to service any e-bikes at this time. Booking service reserves your service date with us, and final pricing may change based on quantities of add-ons required. You will not be charged until your service is complete, and you will have the opportunity to review and approve any additional work that may be recommended.


Bike Upgrades

We all love new bikes, but sometimes it doesn't quite make sense to replace a bike you love simply because the components are worn out or dated.  Bike upgrades are a particular passion for Again Bikes.  Our mission is to create #newbikedays all over again.  So, if you're not quite ready to say goodbye to your trusty frame, contact us and we'll work with you to put together an upgrade plan that will meet your budget and your goals.


Service Menu

Deluxe Tune (AKA, the #newbikedayagain tune):

  • Bike Inspection
  • Cable & Housing Replacement (standard cable & housing included). Discount for bikes without mechanical cables
  • Full-Service Disc Brake Bleed & Adjustment. Brake adjustment for rim brake bikes
  • Derailleur Adjustments
  • Derailleur Hanger Alignment
  • Wheel True
  • Spoke Tension Check and Set
  • Bar Tape/Grip Installation (tape/grip extra)
  • Drivetrain Removal and Solvent Clean
  • Headset/Bottom Bracket Bearings Clean & Grease
  • Full-Service Bike Clean
  • Firmware Updates (if needed)


Basic Tune:

  • Bike Inspection
  • Cable & Housing Replacement (standard cable & housing included). Discount for bikes without mechanical cables
  • Derailleur Adjustments
  • Derailleur Hanger Alignment
  • Wheel True
  • Brake Adjustments
  • Basic Bike Clean
Adjustments & Repair Services:

  • Bicycle Safety Check - $0
  • Cable & Housing Replacement with Component Adjustment - $45 (per components, includes adjustment of component)
  • Chain Installation - $20 (chain extra)
  • Derailleur Adjustment - $25 (front or rear, mechanical or electric, per derailleur). New cable and housing may be required
  • Install Crankset - $50
  • Bottom Bracket Replacement - $40 (parts extra)
  • Install Derailleur w/ Adjustment - $40
  Wheel Services:

  • Basic Freehub Service (DT Swiss and common pawl style) - $25
  • Cassette Installation - $20 (cassette extra)
  • Re-tape Rim - $15/wheel (tape extra)
  • Sealant Top Off - $10/tire (sealant extra)
  • Tire or Tube Installation - $15 (per wheel, parts extra)
  • Tubeless System Setup - $45 (per wheel, parts extra. Includes install of tire, rim tape, valve stems and addition of sealant)
  • Tubeless Tape Installation - $15/wheel (tape extra)
  • Wheel True - $25 (per wheel, includes lateral true and spoke tension. Dishing is available for an additional charge)
Frame Services:

  • Cut Steerer Tube (fork off bike) - $20
  • Cut Steerer Tube (fork on bike) - $45
  • Install Fork - $50
  • Face and Chase Bottom Bracket - $45 (excl. Crank and BB removal, BSA only)
  • Chase Bottom Bracket - $25 (excl. Crank and BB removal, BSA only)
  • Face Brake Mounts - $45 (each brake)


Brake Services:

  • Brake Adjustment - $30/wheel
  • Brake Bleed - $40/caliper
  • Brake Pad Installation - $45/wheel (includes brake alignment, pads extra)
  • Shorten Hydraulic Brake Line - $35/caliper
Cleaning Services:

  • Bike Detail - $60
  • Ultrasonic Drivetrain Clean - $60
  Other Services:

  • Grip Install - $20
  • MTB Handlebar Cut - $20
  • MTB Handlebar Swap - $30
  • Mount Saddle Neutral Position - $10
  • Mount Saddle w/ Measurements - $20
  • Road Handlebar Swap - $60 (new bar tape required, extra)
  • Stem Swap - $15 (stem extra)
  • Wrap Handlebars - $25 (parts extra)


Bike Builds

We build new (and new to you) boxed bikes. Use the online booking form below to book a build, or contact us to arrange to have a boxed bike shipped to us and delivered to you when it's done. - $90

We also offer custom bike builds. We can source a frame for you, or you're welcome to bring your own. - $250 (Parts must be purchased through Again Bikes or add $100.)


New Frame Prep

New frames often arrive without proper or sufficient preparation.  This is often not a reflection of the quality of the frame, more the nature of modern frame mass production.  If bottom bracket shells are not faced smooth and parallel, and bottom bracket shell threads are not chased with an appropriate tool, the bottom bracket may sit improperly in the frame, resulting in creaking or accelerated bearing wear.  Facing and chasing the bottom bracket shell prepares the frame for installation of the bottom bracket.

Disc brake mounting tabs likewise are often not faced sufficiently resulting in misalignment of the caliper when tightened. This misalignment will result in noise from pad contact and may result in accelerated pad wear.  If you find that your caliper is aligned just up to the point where you give it the final tightening, it's likely that the mounting tabs need facing.  This is very common on both alloy and carbon bikes.

We offer facing and chasing services on BSA (English) bottom bracket shells and disc brake mounting tabs (including flat mount).  We use high-quality, specialized tools to properly prepare these surfaces.  Use the booking menu below to book these services, or email us with any questions.


Book Online

Please use the form below to book your services. You're always welcome to drop your bike off in-person as well, though we may need to schedule a future service date when you arrive.

Don't worry, you won't be charged when you book service. You're simply reserving your place on our schedule. If you're not sure what service you need, choose the closest option and leave us some good notes. We'll provide you with an estimate before servicing your bike.

Our shop hours don't work for everyone, we know. If you'd like to drop your bike off on an evening or weekend, no problem! Just let us know in the notes.